Physical Science (2011-2012)2nd, 4th-6th


Weekly Standards
GPS Standards Covered:
SCSh1. Students will evaluate the importance of curiosity, honesty, openness, and skepticism in science.
a. Exhibit the above traits in their own scientific activities.
b. Recognize that different explanations often can be given for the same evidence.
c. Explain that further understanding of scientific problems relies on the design and execution of new experiments which may reinforce or weaken opposing explanations.

SCSh2. Students will use standard safety practices for all classroom laboratory and field investigations.
a. Follow correct procedures for use of scientific apparatus.
b. Demonstrate appropriate techniques in all laboratory situations.
c. Follow correct protocol for identifying and reporting safety problems and violations.

SCSh3. Students will identify and investigate problems scientifically.
a. Suggest reasonable hypotheses for identified problems.
b. Develop procedures for solving scientific problems.
c. Collect, organize and record appropriate data.
d. Graphically compare and analyze data points and/or summary statistics.
e. Develop reasonable conclusions based on data collected.
f. Evaluate whether conclusions are reasonable by reviewing the process and checking against other available information.

SCSh4. Students will use tools and instruments for observing, measuring, and manipulating scientific equipment and materials.
a. Develop and use systematic procedures for recording and organizing information.

SCSh5. Students will demonstrate the computation and estimation skills necessary for analyzing data and developing reasonable scientific explanations.
d. Participate in group discussions of scientific investigation and current scientific issues.

General Information:

Egg Drop Competition:

EOCT Review Materials

Classwork and Homework:
Week 33 (April 16-20) "Review"

Week 32 (April 9-13) "Review"

Week 31 (March 26-30) "Nuclear Energy"

Week 30 (March 19-23) "Nuclear Energy"

Week 29 (March 12-16) "Acids and Bases"

Week 28 (March 5-9) "Solutions and Mixtures"

Week 27 (February 27-March 3) "Chemical Reactions"

Week 26 (February 21-24) "Chemical Reactions"

Week 25 (February 13-17) "Chemical Reactions"

Week 24 (February 6-10) "Ionic and Covalent Bonding"

Week 23 (January 30 - February 3) "Periodic Table"

Week 22 (January 23-27) "Periodic Table"

Week 21 (January 17-20) "Periodic Table"

Week 20 (January 9-13) "History of the Atom"

Week 19 (January 3-6) "History of the Atom"

Week 18 (December 12-18) Exams
  • Monday:
    • CW: Semester Exam Study Guide Due. 18 Weeks Benchmark
    • HW: Study for Exam!
  • Tuesday:
    • CW: Review for Exam!
    • HW: Study for Exam!
  • Wednesday:
    • CW: 1st and 4th Period Exams
    • HW: Study for Exam!
  • Thursday:
    • CW: 2nd and 5th Period Exams
    • HW: Study for Exam!
  • Friday:
    • CW: 6th Period Exam
    • HW: Have a Wonderful Winter Break!!!!!

Week 17 (December 5-9) "Electromagnetism"

Week 16 (November 28-December 2) "Electricity"

Week 15 (November 14-18) "Sound and Light"

Week 14 (November 7-11) "Wave Basics"

Week 13 (October 31-November4) "Heat"

Week 12(October 24-28) "Heat"

Week 11 (October 17-21) "Mechanical Energy"

Week 10 (October 11-14) "Work, Power, and Machines"

Week 9 (October 3-7) "Work, Power, and Machines"

Week 8 (September 26-30) "Fluids"

Week 7 (September 19-23) "Motion of Matter"

Week 6 (September 12-16) "Newton's Laws"

Week 5 (September 6-9) "Newton's Laws"

Ch. 11 "Motion and Forces" Lecture Notes:
Ch. 1 "Introduction to Science" Lecture Notes: